The words "Loot Drop" typeset in the font Loot Drop by Multiocular Type. This leads to the specimen page about Loot Drop. Loot Drop is a pixelated serif full of nostalgia.

Loot Drop is a nostalgic wide-set pixelated serif with a nod to early text-based fantasy RPG video games. Featuring fantastical ligatures in addition to the pairing of pixels and serifs, this type adds a bit of the fae to any application. At home in indie tabletop role-playing game zines and ominous visions of the future from the local oracle, Loot Drop is a legendary pairing to any words of import.

While only available in a single weight, Loot Drop is usable in paragraphs of smaller text or larger sized titles thanks to its wide width and available upper and lower cases. In the future, it will be updated with further weights and potentially more widths.

Currently, it has support for ~400 Latinate languages. This is thanks to the Latin S character set suggested by Christoph Koeberlin in addition to the Currency Symbols In a Latin Language Character Set suggested by Alanna Munro. Please support them as well if possible.

A specimen of Loot Drop by Multiocular Type in the style of an old text-based RPG saying "You find a door with no handle. There is a thin seam with a draft emanating from behind it. Your torchlight reflects a thin wiry script of some foreign tongue wrought in silver. How do you proceed?" with options underneath "Have the thief
investigate the
door seam.", "Have the Dwarf
warrior attempt
to open the door.", "Check out
the silvered
writing." and "Open your
haversack." A logo for "Quest Castle Pizza & Arcade" typeset in Multiocular Type's font Loot DropA menu cover for "Abracadabar" featuring their "Magical Libations".A specimen of Loot Drop by Multiocular Type with different glyphs showing the Latin Language S character support.A wide black rectangle showcases random glyphs in white appearing in random locations and at semi-random scales from a pixelated serif font called Loot Drop.
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